Thursday, 29 April 2010

Going all posh

We went to visit a wonderful hippo wading pool yesterday.  It was up in the hills between Mount Martha and Healesville.  It was lovely.  All wet and muddy and gloopy.

But we couldn't stay for long.  For we were going Up-Market!!  We were on our way to the Healesville Country Club for lunch.  And a very delicious lunch it was too.  And there were mountains.  And a golf course.  Oh, and a huge game of pick-up-sticks.  And a pool and a spa and everything.  Tres Posh

Then we went to play with some alpacas.  We tried to convince Frannie to take an alpaca home with us but she seemed to think it wouldn't fit on our Human's balcony.  No imagination.  She could always keep it at our country residence in Tupton.  We wonder if Lucy and Zac would like one in Ballarat?  Or maybe Marmalade in Warragul?

We came home by a slightly different route and saw a mangrove swamp.  I wonder if hippos would like playing in a mangrove swamp.  It looked a bit scratchy

The rest of the photos are here

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Marlowe said...

I like llamas and alpacas too, but I have never met one. We have a plushie llama family living with us and they are quite nice though!