Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Our Human has been given some thought to moving.  Naturally - if she is going then we will be going too so we felt that we should have some input into the decision.  Besides - when all the humans decided to go and have a look at Bangor they decided to take a picnic.

Any picnics our various humans make up are always DELICIOUS.  There was no way we were being left behind.  Even when the trip departed from a house at which WE WERE NOT PRESENT!!!!!!!  We sent a message to our Human's mother and she made the travellers come by our place and collect us :-)

We had a lovely day.  The sun shone and there were summery flags everywhere.  The water was sparkly.  There were boats to watch.  And there was, of course, lots of yummy food. There were shops to play in and parks to stroll in.  There was one of the longest piers we have ever seen. It went on, and on, and on and on, very nearly but not quite as far as the island of Angelsey.  It seemed a pity you couldn't walk all the way across.  But then - how would the boats get through if the bridge took up the whole strait?  And at the end of the pier is a lovely tea shop.  Of course, we had to recover from our exertions, and from the wind, by indulging in a nice cup of tea.

We are very pleased the car came around to pick us up.  It would have been a great pity to have missed out.  Although I suppose we could have had a lovely day snuggled up in our bed.

We are at the Human's mother's place now, playing with the cat and the chickens.  And on Monday we got to help clean out the fish pond.  It was a delightfully muddy afternoon.  The fish are very happy with their newly cleaned accommodation too