Monday, 6 February 2012

Volunteering at Bishops' House

There is a lovely little museum in Meersbrook Park in Sheffield called Bishops' House. It is kept open by volunteers at the weekend.  Sleepy and I decided on Saturday that we would go and open up.  We weren't particularly busy over the weekend and it seemed like a useful and public spirited way of passing a cold and cloudy morning.  So we nudged the Grand Humans into wakefulness and got them to get up, get dressed and take us into Sheffield and to the museum.  We let them come and sit in the house too, for it was a bit chilly outside and it was nice and warm inside. We didn't want them to catch cold

We've arrived at Meersbrook Park. Bishops' House is just over there
I've put the sign up. Hurry up, Bernard.  We're open!
Righty oh. I'm coming
I think we should go round and make sure everything's shape and ready for visitors
Be careful on the stairs everyone
Making sure the beautiful windows are clean
Alas - there is work to do. No sleeping for us
Checking that the goose and cat have been fed and watered
The parlour is ready for visitors
The merchandise is all accounted for
We've got sandwiches, hot chocolate and leaflets about forthcoming activities.  We're READY!
And despite the fact that it was cold and grey outside, we had lots of visitors.  There was a little boy who was doing Bishops' House for a school project. There were visitors from out of town. There were happy, giggly children and interested adults. Some other volunteers came by too, to say hello. And the morning went by really, really quickly.

And very suddenly - it was time to go back to the Grand Humans' house and have lunch.  A morning very well spent.  We might come and do it again

Heading home for lunch

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A weekend partying

We've been to a party. A birthday party. All the way down in Warminster which is in Wiltshire.

The party was not too far from the pub we usually stay in, so we put up in The Swan for the weekend.

We went to the party with our Grand Humans and with Grandmother Gwen. Lots of family were there. So was Barb, for it was her brother Greg's birthday.  He was 70!

There was lots of food and wine. There were balloons and music. There were people to play with and friends to make. It was a lovely evening.  We played with Evie and Rebecca and with some little boys who we met at the party. We chatted with Grandmother Gwen and new adult friends. We were very pleased that we had been invited.

Then we went back to The Swan and had a lovely, cosy, long sleep.  Then there was lots and lots of tea in the morning and a hearty breakfast. And we went to a HUGE garden centre and helped select the seeds for the coming year's harvest. Then we went back to our Country Residence for a lovely Sunday Roast

And since then we have been dozing and drinking tea and keeping warm and dozing and munching and drinking tea and dozing with The Builder and Marlo, while the Frannie has been going to work.

There is a very great deal to be said for being a *retired* Business Hippo!! (Although it is possibly time that we returned to our University; classes seem to have started again after the long Christmas break)

Hippos and The Birthday Boy

You will find the party album here

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A warm welcome to 2012

And so we have finished our first semester studies in Oenology, Somnology and Epicureanism. (Go on - Google them; you know you want to!!!) We have, of course, worked very hard, particularly in the practicals. We have accompanied our Human to Cultural Events, Historical Events and Tea Tastings.  We have indulged in the odd crumb of cake and sustained ourselves with vegemite sandwiches and pizza.  We have embraced student life in all its fullness - except that we have eschewed beer in favour of the more civilised wine and port.

Thus we were very ready to return Oop North for the Christmas and Winter holidays and came, with our Human, just before Christmas to snooze in Sheffield and doze in Derbyshire.

Christmas was a very happy time.  It was Cally's first Christmas, so we had to help her with her presents until she got the idea

Sleepy and our Human, handing Cally a present

Bernard supervising Cally playing with her new toys
We have visited various friends and relations and caught up on all the gossip

Chatting with Jack and Janet

And have made merry for Christmas

Under the pretty Christmas tree

and New Year

Happy New Year everyone

Being mindful of the fact that we are still students (albeit very mature ones) we did not accompany the Grand Humans on their trip to Salisbury but remained behind to continue with our studies, preparatory for Semester 2



 And so we look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the delights that 2012 surely holds in store.  And we wish you all much joy in the year to come.

Getting ready for the delights to come. Zzzzzzzzzzz