Monday, 19 April 2010

Goodness Gracious Us!

Frannie announced that she and Lindsey were off to a hen night.  Oooooooh, we thought.  We like hens.  Can we come too?

Frannie explained that hen nights didn't, ordinarily, involve actual real chooks and that customarily only females attended such events.

We were very curious.  We wanted to know what happens at hen nights, especially if there are no hens.  But how could we get in, if only females are invited.

Brain wave.  We went to the Build a Bear shop and bought girlie clothes.  A nice matronly dress for Bernard, a girlie girl sparkly t-shirt and shorts for Sleepy, and a tutu for Frank.

And disguised as women,  we went along.  All in the interests of science, you understand.

We were a bit surprised when we got there to find there were easels.  Goodie, we thought.  Drawing.  We like drawing.  There was champagne and pizza as well.  It was looking to be  good night.  And we don't think anyone noticed that we weren't really girls.

But what were we to draw?  There didn't seem to be any fruit or flowers or anything else to make a still life of.

And then - into the room strode a young man clad only in a dressing gown.  You can imagine our surprise when he cast off the dressing gown and COMPLETELY NAKED assumed a pose.  We were to draw a naked man!!!!!!!!!!!  Not once, not twice, not thrice - but FOUR times!

It appears that "hens" nights are things that women do before one of their number gets married.  The bride and her friends all went out clubbing after the excitement of the life drawing.  We went with Frannie, Lindsey, Emily and Jess for a Moroccan meal.

The Builder went to the football.  Members stand at the MCG.  He seemed to have a good time.  But there were no naked men. Or not that he mentioned

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Marlowe said...

That must've been a really odd experience!