Friday, 23 April 2010

Having a lovely time

We went to visit Sage, William and Marmalade at their lovely house out in the country.  We had our first ever Warragul concert when Sage serenaded us.  It was very lovely.  You can see a video clip of her singing on Frannie's blog here if you scroll down to the bottom.

Frank decided to tease Marmalade.  Marmalade was very cute.  Our hippo chair was very cute too. That's William behind us.  We had a lovely time at their place.  We had vegetables from the garden for dinner and we had a lovely walk around the avocado tree and the fruit trees.  There were oranges growing, ripe for the picking.  We had a lovely, food-filled time.  And in the night there was a BUNYIP on the roof of our bungalow.  At least, Frannie said it was a bunyip and we're sure she would be right.  We are not sure how a bunyip would get on the roof.  Perhaps it might have been a possum.  And we were woken in the morning by kookaburras singing.  Lovely :-)

Now we are in Ballarat, where we have been very cautiously playing with Lucy and Zac.  Lucy and Zac are not little dogs and we have no wish to be eaten.  But we had some lovely snuggles.  But soon we need to get up.  We are going to Port Fairy this afternoon. That is quite a long drive


Sullivan McPig said...

That hippo chair is beautiful!

Marlowe said...

I like your hippo chair too-- and I'm glad that the dogs were good to you!