Tuesday, 22 March 2011

We've been busy

Frannie, our grand human, works in a University and some times she takes us in with her.  So we thought we should practise looking and behaving like students so we would blend in.  Here we are with our puffin friend, enjoying a taster of student life:

Frannie recently bought some new plant pots to put in her front porch.  She says she is going to grow baby salad leaves in them.  We thought that rather than being used for salad leaves, they would make excellent flower pots for Bill and Ben to live in.  But before we despatched them as new home, we thought we should probably check them out and make sure they are really desirable residences:

They do seem quite comfortable, it must be said.  But not as comfortable as the couch, with our new blanket.  Marlo also seems to find the blanket cosy.  Fortunately, Sleepy was too sleepy to notice that Marlo was using him as a pillow!

Here we are, a happy family with Marlo and with our friends Jack and Janet:

You may remember that our Human's sister has recently had a wee baby (hello Cally).  We all went to visit her in the hospital when she was less than a day old.  But first we had to inspect the food offerings that people had brought for her mother to ensure that they ere acceptable gifts.  What do you think?  Were they OK?  We thought so, after a very close inspection!

And here we are with Cally and her auntie, our Human.  Although our Human seems to think that Sleepy might have eaten far too many of Tabitha's snacks!!

So it's been a busy little while.  We are back at home now in our Sheffield residence for a bit of rest and relaxation to recover

Monday, 14 March 2011

Our new baby has arrived!!!


Came today.

Born to our human's sister and her husband (the sister's husband, that is).

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for it to be our turn to go and meet her.

Hooray for new friends to play with :-)