Saturday, 1 May 2010

TIme to go home

We've had a lovely few days in Mount Martha.  We went for a lovely walk along an estuary boardwalk.  We ate lots and lots.  We had lots of snuggles with Grandma Stella.  And we had lots of snoozes in her very comfortable chair.

Then we came back to Melbourne to Lindsey and Ian's flat and LOTS of people came to dinner for steak and fish and **roast** **potatoes**.  IT was very yummy.  We LERV roast potatoes.

And now it is our last day and we are all packed and ready to fly.  But first - we are going out for lunch when Lindsey gets back from work.  We didn't think people worked on Saturday mornings but it seems that sometimes they do.

We will be sad to leave our family in Australia.  But we are looking forward to seeing our family in England again.  We are very lucky to have family in lots of countries.  We have family in Japan too.

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