Friday, 5 November 2010

Our humans are hopeless

They really are.

They're excellent at organising fun, adventurous and interesting things for us to do.  Generally things run to plan.  The occasional hiccup, yes, but mostly their organisational skills are fine.

We head off and have a super time somewhere, come home, dictate our adventures to them and ....

As amanuensises - erm, amanuenses - ummmm amanuens...  -- As scribes they are HOPELESS!!!!!

Days and days and days ago we went with the Senior Humans and with Taffa and Gaz to Matlock to look at the pretty lights.  And there were pretty lights.  Lots of them.  There were lots and lots of people milling about in the shops, particularly around the fish and chip shops and burger bars.  There were lots and lots of cars on the roads.  This meant that we got to drive nice and slowly up through town and back through town, giving us plenty of time to admire the pretty lights.

It appears that they were looking for somewhere to park the car so we could go and admire the lights more closely and, indeed, see some fireworks.  But parking spots there were none, so we admired what we could see from the road and went to Bakewell for a small spot of dinner.

It was quite a cold night, but we were well rugged up in our lovely new winter coats.

On the Sunday we accompanied the Senior Humans to the Norfolk coast for the serious and sombre task of helping to place their Uncle's ashes into the sea.  But it was also a merry day.  There were lots of cousins there.  We played with the children and snuggled the adults.  And we saw lots and lots of seals.  We dispatched the uncle with all due ceremony ...

... and then repaired to another pub for a magnificent feast :-)

And now we are preparing for a visit to Valencia.  We believe it has been quite warm in Valencia.  We are not sure that we need to take our snuggly new winter coats.  Sun hats, maybe?

You will find our photos here: