Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A visit to Port Fairy

Most of the humans were going to the seaside for a wedding.  Frannie and The Builder were going too, although not for the wedding - just for the ride.  We decided to go too.

We had lunch by the beach.

We went walking around an island.

We saw wallabies (our friend Frank was very excited by the wallabies - he's never seen them in the wild before.  We have, but not for a couple of years.  We were quite excited too!)

We saw lots and lots of birds.

We sat in the sunshine and ate and drank and contemplated the world.

We watched boats.

The humans who were going to the wedding all scrubbed up quite nicely.

We had ice cream.

And we spent quite a lot of time sleeping on the big bed in our lovely room. Sleeping is our very favourite activity.  And eating.  And drinking.

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Marlowe said...

Ice cream and wallabies seems like a good way to spend your afternoon!