Monday, 9 August 2010


A year ago this weekend we were the ring bearers at Frannie and The Builder's wedding celebration.  It was, of course, a very great responsibility looking after the rings.  We were a bit scared we might lose them.  Fortunately, The Builder's granddaughter Rebecca was there to help and the rings made their appearance at the ceremony at the right time and in the right place :-)

We were very surprised when we realised that this weekend had been the one year anniversary.  That year surely went very fast.  Mind you - we've done lots of exciting things. so it was bound to go quite quickly.

Frannie and The Builder decided to celebrate with lots of foodie fun.  Fair enough.  The wedding weekend last year was marked by a very great deal of foodie fun!

So there was a pub for lunch on the anniversary itself, followed by a delicious "Sunday" meal in the evening.  Vegetables and potatoes from the garden and allotment. They had roast meat from the local farm. And there was, of course, an ample supply of nice wine.

On Sunday itself we all trundled down to Cambridge to take Taffa, Gareth and Auntie Joan out for a celebratory Sunday lunch on a Sunday in The Green Man in Trumpingdon.

Then we brought Taffa back with us ready to start her new job back in Sheffield bright and early on Monday morning.  Much too early if you ask us.  We all had to leave at HALF PAST SIX IN THE MORNING to get her there for her 07:00 start.  Much, much too early for sleep-a-beds like us!  We have now gone back to our cosy bed at Freyja's house to recover.

We will miss our holiday base in Cambridge very much.  But it will be good to have Taffa, Gaz and Frank Lyon closer at hand. Their new house isn't all that far from Freyja's house and is a delightful bus ride away from Frannie and The Builder's place

So, gentle readers.  Raise your glasses to Frannie and The Builder, who have marked a year of wedded bliss.  And to Taffa who has successfully started her new job.  And to our human, Freyja who, on Sunday, roller skated 26.6 miles at the Goodwood Park circuit with the Sheffield Steel Roller Derby girls to raise a whole lot of money for the Sheffield Children's hospital