Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We're in Australia

It's very exciting.  It's not all that long since we were last here, but we've never been with Frannie and The Builder.  We've also never been with our friend Frank Lyon, who has accompanied us this time.  We have three weeks of adventures lined up.

We've been travelling in style. We went from Tupton to London in a first class train carriage. We stayed in a very swanky hotel near the airport. We flew from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne in BUSINESS CLASS!!! (Frannie had organised an upgrade for us - we are wondering how to convince her to buy an upgrade for the whole return leg; it was extremely comfortable and the cabin attendants were delightful). Etihad economy class was quite comfortable, but the business class cabin was wonderful.  There were buttons to play with.  And the chair had lots of settings.  And there was a massage facility.  It made our bottoms bounce!

We could get used to this level of luxury.

Now we're in East Melbourne in Lindsey and Ian's flat.  There are lovely views of central Melbourne.  And we have been making friends with Jennifer Cuddles, a venerable teddy who has very graciously allowed us to come and stay with her.  She is very charming.  And has a lovely flower on her hat.

We're going on a tram today :-)

Our only complaint (so far) is that when we woke up on Sunday morning, preparing ourselves for a vigorous 24 hours of travelling - we found that there was NO TEA in our hotel room.  Just coffee (first thing?  in the morning?  BEFORE TEA?!?!?!?!?) and camomile rubbishy stuff (BLEURGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH).  What sort of a hotel doesn't provide tea for thirsty travellers? We shall stay somewhere else on the way home

You will find the photos here

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Marlowe said...

Going first class looks very fabulous. I went and looked at your pictures in your Picasa folder, and it looks like you're having a grand time! My sister, Chloe, wants me to ask you to tell Jennifer that her flower is very pretty!