Monday, 22 June 2009

Three Counties Show, Great Malvern

We’ve been to an agricultural show. We can’t remember having been to one before. It was excellent fun.

We went with Frannie and The Builder, and their friends Bea and Steve, all the way to Great Malvern where there is a huge show grounds

There were tractors. And sheep shearers. And animals.

There were chickens and ducks and geese (Frannie wouldn’t let us bring the chickens home)

There were pigs. Frannie wouldn’t let us play with the pigs lest they bite us and refuse to give us back.

There were very soft alpacas and fluffy sheep and huge big bulls and a carthorse or three.

There were food stalls and craft stalls and chicken houses.

There were medieval archers and jousting and tents and barbecues (well, they were cooking fires but they could have been barbecues)

There was food and cider and beer.

And best of all – it DIDN’T RAIN!!!!!!!! (Though it threatened to several times!)

Then we went to a village with the remarkably wonderful name of Upton Snodsbury for the night, where we stayed in a beautiful pub, with rooms made from old barns. And with magnificent food. More than two quite small (if portly) hippos could possibly manage to eat. All the humans had many courses!

On the Sunday we explored the village and played on a farm and admired a very young foal and some minute piglets and talked to a barky dog and a very small girl.

Then we all went to Upton upon Severn for a walk along the river and a count up of all the pubs (we ran out of paws for counting and so lost count. So more than eight pubs in Upton upon Severn). And we had lunch in one of them. Fortunately, we couldn’t eat at the riverside tables because they’re not allowed to carry hot food across the road. And half way through lunch there was a VERY heavy shower. We, of course, are hippos and don’t mind getting wet. But the humans seem to be rain-averse. Something about the wet rain drops making their food go cold.

We’re at Frannie and The Builder’s place this week. Next weekend we are all going to the New Forest Bear Festival. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait :-)

Here are the photos