Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lunch at the beach

Lindsey and Frannie had decided that we needed a trip on a tram and a visit to the beach.  So off we went.

The tram was quite exciting, although we are hopeful of a trip on one of the old trams, now only used for touristy things.  But we can be touristy if need be.

Then we went to the beach.  We paddled in the sea and played chasey with the waves.  We went for a walk on the pier and admired the boats.  We had a lovely lunch in a cafe by the beach.  We even sat outside, for it was relatively mild, especially compared to the temperatures over the winter in Tupton and Sheffield. We've had hot chocolate and tea, and chips, and a meal in a pub.  And perhaps the odd glass of wine.

We've been walking and pottering. We've played football with Simon (although I'm not sure Sleepy was quite expecting to be the ball!). We're having a good holiday :-)

On Saturday evening, Frannie and Lindsey are going to a hen night (though they tell us there won't actually be any hens there).  The Builder and Simon are going to the football and perhaps to the casino.  We have been pondering our options.  We are not so keen on the football - the footballers might also decide that Sleepy would make a grand football.  We might go to the hen night and see how you can have a poultry do without any chickens present.  We're told that only girls are supposed to go.  We are off to the shops today to buy girl-disguises!

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Marlowe said...

You're going to have to tell us all about the hen night. It sounds odd!