Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Very exciting!

Sleepy Hippo and I are very excited.  Lots of exciting things have been happening!

We're now on Facebook (as Bernard Gillard)!
We're now on Twitter (as Businesshippo)!
We've also joined bearplace.net (a place that bears have set up to fight the heartless facebook people who delete bears)!
We've got tickets to Australia and Japan!
We now have a blog!


We're off to Prague this week!

So many things, such little hippos!



Frances said...

How exciting to have your very own blog. Now you need a picasa site for your photos and you'll be all set!

Bernard and Sleepy Hippo said...

We have one picassa album at the moment - it does all the pictures on our slide show :D

But you can still see all our photos on facebook.

We haven't put our Cambridge adventures up yet though.

mark j said...
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mark j said...

Oh you are a busy hippo's! I reckon Sleepy Bear does all the sleeping for you both!

Bernard and Sleepy Hippo said...

He was actually going to make us a cup of tea, but he fell asleep and refueled us.. *ahem* I mean, himself...