Monday, 20 October 2008


One of the things we forgot to tell you.

We were sat, chatting with Frannie and The Builder, at the Prague airport. A woman and her husband happened by. The woman stopped and looked at us. Then said to her husband: "Jacov, look. So cute!" Then she approached Frannie and asked if she could see us. So we obligingly turned around and she picked up Sleepy Hippo and hugged him and then adjusted Bernard's jumper sleeves (which in truth had rather unrolled so you couldn't see his paws). Then they sat down at a nearby table and we went back to our chatter. They spoke to us in English and to each other sometimes in German and sometimes in another language that none of us recognised. Frannie thinks it might have perhaps been Hebrew because they were reading books printed in Hebrew script.

Lots of people stopped to look at us, very briefly and politely. That lady was the only one who stopped to talk to us.

B and SH.


mark j said...

Did she... touch your bum bum??

Frances said...

I would most certainly not have let her do anything like that! She just gently hugged Sleepy Hippo and adjusted Bernard's jumper sleeves.

It was quite funny watching people trying to take surreptitious looks at the hippos as they went by. She was the only one who dared to stop and talk to them!