Friday, 17 October 2008

Resting in Prague

We are just about to have a little nap before dinner. It's been a big day. We've been on a coach trip around Prague and done lots of exploring. We had pizza for lunch near the City Square. We've collected lots of bridges with Frannie and The Builder. We've walked for miles - or we would have done if The Builder hadn't very kindly carried us for much of the time in Frannie's red travelling bag. The sun has shone but the wind has been cold. We were glad of our jumper and scarf.

Frannie says she will put the photos onto Facebook for us on Sunday. We do have internet connection in the hotel but it's very slow.

And so a rest before we head out again to dinner in a nice restaurant. The Builder is asleep as well.

Oh, and Frannie says she does like jazz. She's not mad keen on jazz clubs though and particularly not where people are still allowed to smoke. She doesn't think lots of cigarette smoke would be good for our lungs or hers.

B and SH.

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