Wednesday, 15 October 2008

On a sad note...

We'd like to take a minute of silence for a good friend of ours who passed today.

Dickens, a good friend for over a decade.  We watched him grow bigger and bigger (and even bigger when he moved in solo!), we sat by his tank keeping his company when people were on holiday, we were all very proud of how well he took the move (and the terrifying car journey!), we fed him when we went to visit.  He was a lovely fish, a real gentleman(fish) who had a great taste in movies and televisual programming.

RIP Dickens

We'll miss you. 

(minute begins) (minute over)

and SH and Sleepy Bear (guest blogger).


mark j said...

Is he the huge fella that would beg for food so that he could increase in size thus getting closer to completeing his plan for world domination?


Double H said...

Poor Dickens.... I am so sorry, but I'm sure he lived a very happy life and will enjoy being in the big pond in the sky. xx