Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Prague tomorrow, Prague yesterday, but never ever Prague today!

Here's our next adventure plan!

I'll try and get this out quickly, I'm tired and not sure I won't fall asleep before it's done! Tomorrow, Bernard and I are having a mini-adventure to Frannie's workplace - ready to rock'n'roll, so that on Thursday we can jet off from EMA at 625pm for a much bigger adventure, with Frannie, the human's mother.  We'll try to get some photos on the plane :) (ooo and throughout Prague of course!)

On Friday, the wonderful Frannie has booked us all in on a coach tour around the city (like we did in Warsaw) and then she's booked us into the fancy schmansy restaurant for 8.00pm cafelouvre.  There was the possibility of  a jazz club afterwards, but we weren't sure if they discriminated against hippos, and Frannie doesn't like jazz so we are giving it a miss.  Which is a pity as I had my jazz club hat all dusted off and ready to go.

On Saturday we're going on a lunchtime cruise on the river (Bernard has been known to get a little sea sick, but he says this is a river not a sea so he should be okay) and then fly home at 9.55pm.  We might have to make sure that we buy presents on the Saturday - just in case there's nothing in the airport like in Warsaw!

And that's about .... zzzzzzzzzzz



mark j said...

Fancy a gaming marathon upon your return? I have a few games I need to burn through :D

Double H said...

How cruel of Frannie not taking you to the jazz club.... especially when you've got your hat already.....

Skooby schoobi ska babab da... Nice!