Monday, 17 May 2010

Leaving the country

We are thinking of trading the human in for a new one.  She showed herself to be a terrible trip-starter-off-erer.

First, there was the passport debacle.  Who, in less than a week before going on holiday, decides to lose their passport?!  The human went to the cinema to see Four Lions  (£10 inc snacks) and then went to BBs in Sheffield for dinner (£20).  Then returned home to find her passport was no longer in her bag.  So add to that total £50 for the train to Liverpool and £130 for a new passport!  So that's over £200 spent on the traditional evening of dinner and a movie.  Nearly the entire budget for the trip blown, before we’d even left the country.

Now, talking about leaving the country, the human has done that enough times by now, that you’d think it would all be easy going.  Oh no.  What does she go and do?  Books a plane to fly off, just as there is volcano ash landing everywhere. 

At 10pm the night before we had intended to leave, our flight from East Midlands (originally £25) was cancelled.  So our travelling companions set about looking at every alternative route to getting to Berlin the next day.  The cheapest option was getting the coach from Sheffield to Berlin for £47, a delightful 25 hour trip.  However, unfortunately, it didn’t leave until Wednesday and so by the time we arrived we’d be leaving again.  The next cheapest option was getting the train to London, the Eurostar to Brussels and flying from there, but this was around £250 each!  Whilst trying to book it, the Eurostar website crashed.  Luckily, at about 3am, the human thought to look at an airport she hadn't considered before – Bristol – and luckily Easyjet was flying that day for £90 at 5.30pm, so we decided to take a risk and go for it.

At 7am we were awoken by the human’s mother, getting in touch to let us know that Bristol had closed, but was scheduled to possibly re-open at 4.00pm.  In order to be there on time we had to get the train at 12.30pm.  We decided we would just take a chance on it re-opening and got the train (£60ish) to Bristol.  Our budget holiday *gulp* has already got very expensive.

Luckily, at 1pm, the human’s mother got back in touch to say the airport was open! Hurrah!

A short wait at Bristol airport (very small, but some nice places to sit in the sun, before you go through security) and now we’re off to Berlin. 


Marlowe said...

At least your human didn't misplace you!

Frances Hyde said...

Agreed that it's good your Human didn't lose you!!! But if you're looking for a new human - you can come and live with us. You like it at our place. And now - there's a new chook house, and soon there will be CHOOKS!!!!!!!