Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Eve

And we did go to the seaside. We went to Lyme Regis to have lunch with Frannie’s friend, the lovely Farishta. It was very exciting to meet Farishta. We had lunch and walk on the windswept beach. We avoided being stolen by small children or kidnapped by young dogs. We had all the cobwebs blown out of our heads, all the while kept snuggly and warm in Frannie’s carry bag where she had her hat and gloves as snuggly cushions for us. It was an excellent day.

In the evening, Frannie and The Builder went out again to a family party to celebrate the New Year. This isn’t really a hippo or a lion festival, so we stayed at the flat, wrapped up against the wintery chill in Tabitha’s scarf, while snuggling down on the very soft and warm bed. Frannie and The Builder seem to have had a good time at their party, but we enjoyed our night in, telling each other stories and fables and certainly not drinking all the humans’ wine.

The sun is shining this morning. And we are off to visit Grandmother Gwen.

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