Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Here be sandwiches

Being a retired *business* hippo, Bernard is accustomed to attending business meetings and various conferences, although Sleepy Hippo is less experienced in these matters, and Frank the Lion not at all.

However, none of us has ever been to a conference about maps. And nor have we been to Edinburgh. So when Frannie, our Human's mother, said that she was attending such a conference in Edinburgh and asked if we wanted to go - we accepted with alacrity.

We went up on the train. There were sandwiches. And a laptop to keep us amused.

Edinburgh is *lovely*, although Frannie nearly expired from pounding up a long, steep and uneven flight of stairs getting from the station up to the road to the University. She certainly couldn't speak when she got to the top!

And we stayed in a lovely hotel in the University grounds. And had a delightful supper. And chocolate mousse.

And we took some time to learn a bit about maps, so we could better enjoy the conference.

We had a magnificent breakfast in the hotel before setting off on the short stroll to the conference centre. When we got there, there were cups of tea and biscuits. We like tea. And biscuits. And later there were plates and plates and plates of sandwiches. And more tea. We like tea and sandwiches. And later after that there were slices of carrot and walnut cake. And tea. Tea and cake ... nyom!

Oh - and there were interesting people saying interesting things about maps, of course.

Then we came back on the train (more sandwiches, more tea!) and are now back at our country residence where there are tea, sandwiches and leek and cheese tart.

Maybe next time, we should have a bit of a look at Edinburgh as well! We didn't see much other than the University and the outside of the castle.


Marlowe said...

It sounds like you had a fine trip. Both Mom and I would like to go on a trip on a train!

Frances Hyde said...

Trains are lots of fun. Frannie - the human's mother