Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year's Day Plus One

We’ve been busy exploring today. We went through icy, frosty roads to Stockbridge this morning for a look around. There seem to be lots of rivers,streams and mill leats in Stockbridge. And a very large number of gift and craft shops. Frannie bought a bowl. She seemed very excited to find it!

Then we went back for Grandmother Gwen and went for a lovely, long drive in the New Forest. There were toasted teacakes! And ponies. And lots of cows walking about in the middle of the road and holding all the traffic up.

And this evening we went to Winchester to play with Evie and Rebecca, Evie’s bunny friend and their cousin Sophie.

Now we are back at the Hobbit House for our last evening before returning to our Country Retreat in Tupton tomorrow. Must make sure we get a good sleep. Tupton is quite a long way away.

(And now we are back in Tupton. Once we got to Derbyshire, there was SNOW!)

You will find our photos of our adventure here

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Marlowe said...

Playing on the see-saw looks like a lot of fun. Do you get to go out to parks often?