Friday, 21 August 2009

It was our human’s birthday on Monday. We took her to York for the day.

She was very excited. She likes York. She also liked the vegan tapas bar we had heard about. We told her mother about the tapas bar and she looked it up on her iPhone and found its location. The food was lovely. We do like nice food.

Then we went shopping in all the fun shops and then went to the York Dungeon. Once we got used to the dark we had a great time. The humans were all a bit disconcerted by the squirts of water which sometimes shot at them. We hippos are not a bit worried by squirts of water. We like water.

Our human has had to go back to work. She’s moved us into a new house and she is getting ready to take us on a nice holiday in America, so she needs to work extra hard to fund all the excitement.

We have come to Cambridge to visit Frank Lyon at his place. The rest of the humans have come too.

Yesterday we all went into Cambridge with Austin, our human’s brother. He’s going back to Japan today and wanted to take a special present back for his girlfriend. So we went to a place where bears are born. It was very, very exciting to be present at the birth of our very new friend Oscar Bearrington the Third. Everyone bought lots of presents for the new bear. They bought presents for us too. We are now properly equipped with passports for legitimate international travel (no more skulking in the bottom of a bag hoping no one will spot us). Bernard also now has his very first mobile phone and Sleepy has some lovely new travel luggage. We do like presents.

Breakfast time. Outside in the sunshine in Frank’s garden, watching the rabbits hopping about. Then we might get around to pondering what we might do today. Although - we might do nothing at all.

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