Saturday, 15 August 2009

Great excitement

We’ve been BUNGEE JUMPING!!!!

At least, Frank Lion and Bernard have. We were out on a lovely walk with Frannie, The Builder, Lindsey and Ian around a village called Stanhope. Suddenly we happened upon a hipo bungee jumping place. Bernard, despite being a *retired* business hippo decided he absolutely had to have a go. And he did. And it was great fun. Alas, it was a bit big for Frank, and Sleepy decided that he had had quite enough excitemen

t watching Bernard bouncing around at the end of the bungee rope.

We progressed on our walk. And just as suddenly we happened upon a bungee jump especially for small animals. Frank leapt at the chance to have a go too. It was all great fun and not at all what we had been expecting to do when we set out on our morning constitutional!

We’ve also spent a day collecting more Romans and more Roman bathhouses. We had a mighty picnic. We’ve been on more walks. The humans do worry a great deal about us getting wet. They worried very much indeed when we had to cross some stepping stones. We have to keep reminding them that we are *hippopotamuses* and are quite used to being wet!!

Now we are back at Frannie and Jim’s place. We are having a well-deserved rest so we are ready for next week’s set of adventures. Who would have expected quite so much activity. Normally we lead very quiet lives!!

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