Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bernard and Sleepy Hippo - Ring Bearers

We have been having a really exciting time since last we spoke.

Last Friday we went to our very first wedding ceremony. We’ve been to receptions before but this was the first time we’d actually been invited to the wedding itself.

Not only that - we had a very important tak to perform. For we were to be ----- The Ring Bearers. My Preciousssssssssss. Oops. No, not that sort of ring bearer. I mean, we had to carry the wedding rings, ably assisted by The Builder’s granddaughter Rebecca.

It was a very lovely ceremony. Lots of people took lots of photos of us. The Registrar thought we were lovely.And said so. Our friend Frank the Lion and our new friend Travelling Camel were there too.

Then we all went off to have a picnic in the park. There was lots and lots of lovely food.

It was all just very lovely. Everyone was very happy.

In the evening all the humans went off to a pub for food and wine. We had a well-deserved rest.

Then on Saturday afternoon people came to Frannie and The Builder’s house and there was lots and lots of food. And even more people came on Sunday and there was even more food.

Then we stopped feasting and our human, her brother, sister and brother in law, her aunt and uncle, her mother and new step-builder and Frank and Travelling camel all came away on honeymoon.

And now we are having adventures. We have been to a Roman fort and played in the bathhouse. We’ve been on a country walk, where we managed to get lost (humans really are stupid, you know. The guide book said not to enter the penned area filled with horses and sheep. What did they do? Well of course they got lost!) and then found again by some friendly local humans. We’ve been to Durham where Frank went up the cathedral tower. We didn’t; tower steps are much too steep for small hippo legs. Frannie took us to look at the cathedral library instead. We’ve collected bridges, played cricket and croquet and recommenced feasting.

And we have been making friends with about a thousand chickens.

It’s all still very lovely.

We will tell you more. As it happens.

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