Thursday, 6 November 2008

These paws are made for walking

And that's mostly what we've done!

The human seems mostly to have forgotten that we have very small feet and no shoes [suggestion for a christmas present if ever I saw one! - SH] and has taken it open herself to walk EVERYWHERE!

On the first night after a nice long shower, in the world's deepest but shortest bath, we travelled the trains again. The system here is kind of fun. There's a big board (usually with English translation) that tells you how much to pay to get to wherever it is you want to go, you put the money in and you get a little ticket. When you get to the other end there are Fare Adjustment Machines that you can use if you didn't pay enough or weren't sure how much the trip was and so only put in the bear *wink* minimum and you can just top up your ticket. There are lots of lines and colours. The stations are mostly huge but there are lots of sign posting and it seems if you just keep walking you'll find something you need eventually.

We've been travelling a lot on the JR Line which is an overground loopy line [Hello to my loopy friends - Freyja]. Our friend Berrie Penguin told us : "If you got chance to take JR line at Tokyo station, there is a poster ad (on the train) of Suica penguins taking JR and doing all sorts of human activities like shopping, fishing, eating, reading newspaper, using mobile phone... It would be great if you could take a picture of the poster for me. I missed it last time Sad" Whilst we've not seen the ad on the actual train (there is a television that shows ads on the train and it had a video of the penguin doing such things but we didn't get a chance to photo it before it finished) last night we saw some at the station and took some photos with them. Freyja said that for once people looked less confused about the fact we were having our photos taken and more about the fact we were taking many photos of the penguin advert.

Anyways, back to the first evening, the trains took us to meet the human's friend Anse, and we went to a vegetarian restaurant. To be honest, Sleepy Hippo and I were exhausted and flagrantly disregarded the rules of jetlag that you need to stay up as late as possible and feel asleep in the human's bag. From what we heard, it was just boring human talk. Freyja informs us that whilst we were asleep we went on a big walk around several areas on Tokyo including an area that was famous for its abundance of non-Japanese men and Japanese ladies who would be interested in non-Japanese men. Very odd. Apparently, Anse promised he'd only heard stories and wasn't at it first hand, but we don't know.

The restaurant was in Azabu-juban and they walked to Roppongi. There were apparently lots of very tall buildings and bright lights and interesting things to look at. The only part Sleepy Hippo and I were a little sad to miss out on was a giant Doraemon in what Freyja suspected was a television studio (they didn't go inside, she spotted him through the big glass windows). She said she had considered waking us up for it - but will try and find him again before we go. After that there was a lot more walking around and looking at things (including many Starbucks and two Tiffany stores as pointed out by Anse - possibly to woo the Japanese ladies with?) there was a cup of tea stop at about 1030pm (why can't we buy tea in Sheffield at 1030??) and then a train ride to Harajuku (which was mostly closed but interesting to look at and get the general bearings *wink* of.

Then the train home. Ni Zero San O Kudasai to the man with the keys (who then very quickly asked our names as we stared at him blankly) and off to bed.

The human says that if we eat any more of this all you can eat breakfast we're going to become very rotund so time to be offski.


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