Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Final FriDay (Jason goes to hell)

So the human woke us at 5.40am!!!! She was apparently planning on us all waking up at 7.00am but woke up early and thought it was a mistake to go back to sleep for an hour. If she had to be up so did we! Think about poor Sleepy Hippo!

Another all you can eat breakfast and a man comes up and calls Freyja beautiful (suspicious again!) he then asked to take her photo which he would email her.

A very nice human lady Kumi suggested we go to Asakusa. She said it is “an old part of Tokyo. It has Sensoji temple and lots of stalls there with traditional food and gifts”. We went and it was very exciting! We enjoyed the traditional buildings, the market (which was selling a lot of fun touristy traditional gifts and presents, mixed with lots of Doraemon), a stall selling Octopus, which had a big banner of an Octopus cooking it (does that mean he’s a cannibal?), seeing a fair ground and having lots and lots of people smile at us!

Then the human was having lunch with the other human again and we went to Ginza, which had lots of pretty shops and funny looking buildings. There was a Krispy Kreme which the human’s friend explained often has queues so long it goes up and down the street! Talking about queues, apparently H&M is very popular here and new in Tokyo. We saw one that was opening for the first time soon - there were people camping out!

Then quickly back to Harajuku for some money spending and present buying. The human got into trouble for not taking her shoes off in the changing room (she’s always getting us in trouble, very embarrassing). We’d wanted to go to Yoyogi (Park) but we ran out of time so we’ll just have to come back again!

Back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then to the train station. Freyja’s suitcase was very full (mostly with magazines for Austin). She was dragging it down the stairs at the train station and just as she was saying to us that “if this was America someone would have stopped (her) and offered to carry her bag down the…” – an American man stopped her and offered to carry her bag down the stairs.

Time for some Shinkasen action and then Austin!!! Another train and a car drive tour and we’re at Austin’s! We had a snooze in the tatami mat room whilst they went and checked out the supermarket. The loaves of bread here are available in eight, four slices or even three slices! We spent quite a while working out why you could possibly want just three slices of bread (it’s not even two sandwiches!) We’re going with three people who each want one sausage each. Or for a really small sausage sizzle!

The human tells me they went out to dinner at a restaurant which Austin takes everyone. So much so, the waiter exclaimed (in Japanese) it had been a long time since Austin had been in and asked if he wanted the usual. They had yummy tempura (Austin had the shrimp) with rice and soup.

Then they came home and played Mario Kart and we kept sleeping.


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mark said...

The human has seen enough movies to know that the tourists getting there photots taken by strangers are the ones that get kidnapped and tortured or sold. Or both :( And I'm not even joking.

With 3 loaves of bread you could... No you really couldn't do anything. Is there a flower shortage?