Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Long Weekend

Ohayo! Welcome to Gifu.

We were exhausted from all the travelling in Tokyo and so took a back seat over the next few days of adventuring. Mostly deciding to hang around Austin’s place whilst the two humans went out and had fun. Because they were out having fun and we weren’t there – we won’t go into great detail – who really wants to know what the humans were up to??

We had to try Pepsi Yoghurt (yes, that’s Yoghurt flavoured Pepsi) which was crazy weird!

The human was meeting Austin’s girlfriend in Nagoya and so before they left, she had to learn an introduction in Japanese. Austin translated it himself so we don’t if what she was saying is what she thought she was saying or not. In Nagoya, she tells us they looked at awesome shops with awesome things, Austin looked at some shoes he liked (Monopoly shoes!) but they only did the best ones as girls shoes and they were very expensive! Then they checked out the arcades and went to Mister Donut for a donut before dinner. A bit more walking, a look at the Apple Store, some good signs and some good stores and then it was time for the restaurant and meeting Kaori. According to Freyja the self introduction went okay, as did her list of questions. They had what sounds like Japanese tapas with lots of yummy things (lots of which were vegetarian) and then went to an Irish Pub. Back to Gifu for some Karaoke and then bed time.

The next day they went for a drive around Gifu and checked out Austin’s school. Then they stopped at a little fair where some guy (possibly Australian) was playing didgeridoo. There were a lot of children who kept calling out to Austin. We don’t know if that means he is a celebrity there or if they are just all his students. One asked if Freyja was Austin’s girlfriend (ewwww!). Then they went to a big arcade place. We’ve seen the video of the human playing some baseball game – hilarious – but she did hit a couple (she looked as shocked as the rest of us). A few more alien catcher games and some sticker photos (which looked cool) and it was time for home, a movie and some mashed potato.

Mashed potato and tofu seemed an odd combination but it tasted okay.

We actually got to play with Kaori. She kept patting our heads and took some nice photos with us. We didn't need to learn a self introduction - we were cute enough to get away with no language skills.

Next day was another day of rest for us, and for the human this time. Sat round the house, slept for a very long time and caught up with things. In the evening she and Austin did go out for dinner again in an Italian restaurant (where Austin met someone he’d known at uni in Australia – crazy!). Austin turned into the Japanese master – it turned out the plain tomato pasta had bacon in it but he was able to check out what else was vegetarian and saved the day. A few more goes on some alien catcher games (the human may be addicted) and then Eagle Eye at the movies. They also checked out this awesome second hand store, which had a crazy mixture of clothes, games, toys and gaming merchandise.

Then on the last day, the human and us went on a big walk around Gifu and checked it out whilst Austin was at school. We had a nosey around the big supermarket and walked around the residential areas. There was a really interesting mix of traditional houses and new(ish) apartment blocks. Then time to pack :( and off to the plane.


Double H said...

I have read all your blog, but I'm sorry I can only comment on Pepsi yoghurt.... I want some! Love Pepsi love yoghurt ~ two favourite things in one! I wonder if they will ship it to England?

Mr. Bear said...

The Pepsi jogurt fascinates me too! Can you get a photo of it? what color is it? Does it still taste like yogurt, or is it more like pepsi (if that's even possible)?

Harry Bear said...

was the pepsi yoghurt fizzy in your noses?

and what is didgeroo? is it an australian game based on kangas?

oh, bernard and sleepy hippos, i am trying to add you to my list of blogs to follow but can't seem to find the link to click. i only see it on twitter, which i don't use.
:( i am not as technically savvy as other bears...i just love your adventures!