Wednesday, 7 July 2010

We've met Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall!!!

We have, we have.  Look:

He gave us some of his cider and everything.

It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting!!!

It all came about because Frannie, our human's mother, likes food very nearly as much as we do so she took out membership on the River Cottage website so she could improve and develop her growing, making and cooking skills - we assume to indulge us.  One of the advantages of this membership is that you get invited to things at the River Cottage headquarters on the Dorset/Devon border.

Alas - we don't live anywhere near Dorset.  Or Devon.

But when Frannie got an invitation to the members' summer party she declared that we would all go.  And so we did.  We made a whole weekend of it.

A food weekend.

We had dinner on Friday night in a 16th century pub

The Bottle Inn

There was lots of delicious food and wine. And some very nice people in the pub.  It was a lovely evening.

But we were tired, for we had travelled a long way to get here.  And there was an exciting day in prospect on Saturday.  So we went back to our B&B out in the Devon countryside and had a nice early night with lots and lots of sleeping.

There were deer in the fields.  And rabbits.

Saturday saw us out exploring in Devon.  We had lunch here:

The Thatched Tavern

And then it was time for the main excitement.  Dinner at Park Farm, near Lyme Regis.  The River Cottage HQ!!

It was lovely.  We went down onto the farm in a trailer, pulled by a tractor.

And there were lots of gardens and terraces and a beautiful farmhouse.

Dinner was in a marquee decorated with butterflies.

We met those very nice people from the pub again.  Spookily - they were sat right next to us at dinner.  In pre-assigned seats. We think they might be some new friends.  The food gods must surely want us to get to know each other?

And the delightful Hugh FW was - well, just delightful.

(But trust Sleepy to get the cider!!!!)

And the foodie things didn't stop there.  Because on Sunday we went to Lyme Regis for Sunday lunch in a pub with the Lovely Farishta.

And then we came home.  For a nice long doze in Frannie's spare armchair.  It was a wonderful and very exciting weekend.  But all that food and delightfulness (and EXERCISE) has left us extremely tired

The photos are all here .  There are LOTS!!!!!!!!!


Marlowe said...

Wow! Mom had to explain to me who he was-- but then I was very impressed! You hang out with some big names!

Will said...

What a great adventure! I didn't know who that guy was either, but I looked him up and he seems really cool! What a good time! Thanks for sharing your photos of your adventure!