Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We've been to Scotland for the weekend

... And to Durham and to Berwick and to Bamburgh

And along the way:

* We had wine

In the Fox and Pheasant, Durham for lunch

In the Goblin Ha', Gifford for dinner

   and there was food

Cheesy garlic bread.  Nom!

Hooooooooge big chips

And a home grown Sunday dinner

* We caught up with family

Cousin Ruth

And Cousin Jo

   and made new friends

Not-quite Cousin Richard sharing his champagne

Our new horsey friend

* We found a hill fort

It was just there, alongside the road heading towards Dunbar

* There were bridges

The old road bridge, Berwick upon Tweed

The railway viaduct, Berwick

   and castles

Bamburgh Castle
Taking pot shots at the Farne Islands :-)

   and mementi mori

Scottish graveyards are remarkably morbid!

* And there was a beautiful wedding:

Cousin James and his beautiful bride, Kimberley
This is our kind of Rolls - it was dispensing ice cream and chocolate!
Nom!  Cake

Congratulations to James and Kimberley

It was a fabulous time.

We're a bit tired now, though.  We might have to have a good long nap before we do anything else.  But first - a cup of tea and a biscuit perhaps


Marlowe said...

The fish and chips look good, but what is that green stuff?

Bernard and Sleepy Hippo said...

Mushy peas. Disgusting slop - but The Builder likes them.