Tuesday, 13 September 2011

We've gone to be (mature) students

We have moved to London!

We went down on Friday with the Grand Human who had to go to a business meeting Somewhere in the City.  It put Bernard in mind of the many business meetings he had to attend before he became a Retired Business Hippo. He is quite glad that he doesn't often have to attend business meetings any more - although it must be said that the lunch was rather delicious. And the sticky buns we all had at morning tea in the bookshop on our way to the meeting were especially tasty.

But we have moved down, accompanied by our Human in order to take up later life studies at the University of East London.  We have moved into a lovely little room which has come equipped with wine, the internet and a snuggly bed.  What more could we ask for?  Food?  Well yes.  But the Human has provided food and we have discovered many little eateries around our new flat.  It is true that students traditionally do not have much money to fritter on meals out.  We will have to send our Human out to work to keep us in style.

The new flat is by the river and across from a small airport.  We think we are going to enjoy this :-)

Our very first class, once we had registered and enrolled at our new University, was in the decorating of cupcakes.  We had a lovely time getting sticky as we rolled sugar paste and made flowers and ice cream cones and little cakes all out of sugar paste.  We scattered glitter and spead hundreds and thousands and placed coloured sugar puffs.  If this is student life, we are thoroughly going to enjoy it.  Although we could do with a piping bag and some fancy nozzles so we can keep practising.

And now we are snuggled in our bed, recovering after the weekend's excitements. We  might go back to the library and ponder sliding down the yellow poles. Or heading back to the benches by the river and eating sandwiches while watching the planes come and go. Or we might stay in bed and have a little sleep and wait to see what the afternoon brings.  And there are, of course, cupcakes to nibble on

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