Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Our winter holiday in Norfolk

Here is our holiday cottage

Holiday Supplies
We had a lovely winter holiday in Norfolk at the beginning of December.  We went to Hoveton near Wroxham with Frannie, The Builder and Lindsey, together with our new friend Rupert Hippo.  We had a bit of snow and a lot of sunshine and even more lots of food and wine and many fun things to do.
There were lots of excitements, like when the canopy of our boat collapsed under the weight of the snow.  Fortunately, we weren't in it at the time!

We had some nice walks in the snow, although the snow never got very deep.  It was very deep indeed when we got back to Tupton. We saw lots of birds and some beautiful country scenes. And now, refreshed and invigorated, we are getting ready for Christmas.  Here are some more of our pictures:

Shall we eat them on our holiday patio?
Maybe it would be better to eat them inside!

The view looks like a Christmas card :-)
Is this our boat?

Fortunately this was our boat

Warming jugs of hot chocolate after our snowy boat ride
Engaged in traditional winter holiday pursuits
It was quite a difficult puzzle - but we did it in the end
Off for a walk
This is where we went, looking for lunch
We've found a lunch venue :-)


Marlowe said...

What is your little friend's name?

Bernard and Sleepy Hippo said...

Rupert :-)