Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More Food :-)

We've been having a merry, foodie time for the past week or two.

We've been to pubs and to restaurants.  We've had riverside picnics and delicious home cooked food.  We've had cakes and biscuits and pies.  It's all been extremely yumdelicious!  And there have been many, many cups of tea.

And then, after family feasting and celebrations, we went with our older humans down to Salisbury for the weekend.  We stayed in one of our favourite pubs, where the beds are soft and fluffy and cosy and warm, and the pillows are down-filled and floaty, and the breakfasts are hearty and toothsome.

And then we went off to visit many animal friends at the Longleat Safari Park, where you drive around and the animals gaze upon you and come to say hello.  We didn't see any hippos, but we did see some rhinos.  We are not hornist.  Rhinos definitely count as family!  We had our friend Frank Lyon with us.  He was very excited to call upon some of his lion friends.  He was quite excited by his tiger friends too.  It was a mighty day.  And the sun shone and it was lovely and warm.  And there was a lovely Sunday lunch in a country pub.

And now the weather has turned foggy and autumnal and chilly.  We are at our country home in the warm and cosy living room, snuggling up with Marlo the cat.  We were going back to our city home this weekend - but the older humans are going to another food fair on Saturday.  We have found that visits to food fairs always result in extra tasty treats for us!

But cups of tea and lovely sleeps for us before then.

Oh - our photos are here

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Marlowe said...

A food fair sounds interesting. I must talk my mom into taking me to one of them!